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North Baton Rouge Youth Soccer Association


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(Click on photos to watch videos)
What I hear I forget, what I hear and see I remember a little; 
What I hear, see and ask questions about or discuss with someone else, I begin to understand; 
What I hear, see, discuss and do, I acquire knowledge and skill; what I teach to another, I master!
(Adapted from the Chinese Philosopher Confucius)
The North Baton Rouge Youth Soccer Association encourages soccer to be apart of life.  By soccer becoming apart of our lives;
our soccer knowledge increases, making us the best soccer player possible.  Below I have attached some awesome soccer clips 
to give our kids the advantages of knowing what is being done, and what can be done on the soccer field.  To watch video clips just simply
click on the photo.  Watch and learn!
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North Baton Rouge Youth Soccer Association
241 Lakecrest Ave.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70807

Phone: 225-590-0730
Hours:  8am - 5pm , Mon-Fri


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